genUpdates 3.4.1

  WindowBlinds4_ankur_mathur26,5 MbAdds a WindowBlinds Theme to Winbuilder PE. (Tested only with NativeEx_Barebones Project)(Shareware version of WindowBlinds 4.5 so it doesn't have 'Per Pixel' Support)Ankur Mathur

       LiveXP/Drivers/3 Network/!Extra
  NetDrvPacks_1Lancelot_Info11,18 KbLancelot
  NetDrvPacks_ANetDrv - NET drivers for XP SP2141,41 KbIncludes net files. (+28Mb !). ANet copies not only all NIC drivers, but also a whole lot of other networking files which caused some troubles for later projects.Maskovsky Andrey
  NetDrvPacks_SNetDrv - Small NET drivers for XP SP2128,38 KbIncludes net files. (+12Mb !). SNet copies just NIC drivers from the source CD.Maskovsky Andrey

       LiveXP/Drivers/4 Storage
  Bin file of DriverPack_MassStorage_wxp_x86-32_Greg_B_1361363,71 MbContains 7z archive of DriverPack_MassStorage_wxp_x86-32_Greg_B_136olegpov
  Bin file of DriverPack_MassStorage_wxp_x86-32_107_Greg_B1072,85 MbContains 7z archive of DriverPack_MassStorage_wxp_x86-32_107_Greg_Bolegpov
  DPs-MassStorageDrivers_MSST14350,55 KbDPs MassStorage DriverPack Integrator with MSSTmake.exe Toololegpov

       LiveXP/Finish/1 Optimizations
  BootScreen Screen Pack from Lancelot516,13 KbLots of bootscreen logo pictures tested and working with Olegpov's Bootscreen script.Lancelot
  BootScreen Screen Pack from Lancelot_Bin112,62 MbContains only the packageLancelot

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